"At MARC we don’t make the product we make them look better...."
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    "At MARC we don’t make the
    product we make them look better...."
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    CED Coating

    Cathodic Electro Deposition(CED) is the latest
    paint technology pre Powder Coating .
  • Marc Industries

    Powder Coating

    Based on the industry, we provide a friendly, professional,
    high-quality Powder Coating service to our customers
  • Marc Industries

    Liquid Painting

    Liquid painting is used to give high quality aesthetic finishes
    & can be applied on – metal, plastic & wood
Marc Industries
We are Marc Group


MARC Group of Companies is an innovation-driven surface finishing, Powder Coating, Cathodic Electro Deposition (CED) Coating, Liquid Painting, Shot Blasting and Paint Stripping and Coating Industrie in Pune company that has carved a reputation as a trustworthy job service provider to a large number of customers across India.

We take Great Pride in our work

We ensure that all components processed by us have the best of aesthetics and also that the coating protects the components from corrosion to last longer with proper inspection and packaging needs to meet customer requirements and standards.

Our facilities have easier access for customers and increased space for managing larger volumes of work. We offer an advanced level of technical capabilities and exacting standards of quality control with the installation of state of the Art powder coating and Coating Industrie in Pune lines and Booth equipment’s coming from world leaders. We also specialize in powder coating on complicated component’s with masking and jigging needs.

Our customer base is comprised of General Industries, Architectural, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Furniture’s and others. And no job is too big or small. Our facilities allow us to offer powder coating, CED Coating, Liquid Painting, Shot Blasting, Paint Stripping, Pre-treatment, packaging and dispatch. We employ highly skilled and dedicated personnel that strive to keep pace with customer needs and requirements.

We offer Industrial Solutions that are reliable, efficient, safe and sustainable.

  • Cleaning of the Base Material before Pre-Treatment
    The base material to be powder coated needs to be cleaned by removing all excessive dirt, oil, grease, rust and welding thermal oxides from the parts. This is achieved by shot blasting the component and/or treating them with chemicals supplied to us by reputed approved companies. We have two blasting units-one for smaller components and the other for larger ones up to 3.1meter Dia X 3.5 meter length.
  • Pre-Treatment of articles to be surface coated.
    The Pre-Treatment process is a 10 tank process where the De-greasing, De-rusting, Phosphate or Chromatic coating and Passivation is done. This varies based on the composition of the metal to be Surface Coated according to end customer specifications. The modern PT line can take components up to 4 X 4 X 13 ft in dimensions and is a automated PLC system.
  • Powder Coating of pretreated materials Electrostatically
    The already pre-treated components are cleaned with air followed by a tag-o rag, powder is then sprayed electrostatically on to the components in an enclosed dust free chamber. There are various types of powders like Pure Epoxy, Epoxy Polyester, Pure Polyester etc having different finishes such as Matt, Semi Glossy, Textured, Structure, Hammer Tone, Crocodile, Sparkle etc. The max Component size is 4 X 3 ft (Width X Height).
  • Liquid Painting of pre-treated materials Electrostatically
    The already pre-treated components are cleaned with air followed by a tag-o-rag, liquid paint is then sprayed electrostatically on to the article in an enclosed dust free chamber. Usually in liquid there are two coat system-primer coat followed by a top coat. This provides proper finish to end product.
  • CED Coating of pre-treated materials Electrostatically
    Similar to a two-coat liquid system – we even have a two-coat powder system. The primer is basically a Cathodic Electro Deposition dip in a water-based chemical/paint followed by a powder top coat. This usually doubles our salt spray life and is one of the favorites systems adopted for exported components. The CED line is fully automated SCADA driven one. The max Component size is 2.0 X 1.75 X 1.8 Meter (Length X Width X Height)
  • Oven Curing of the Surface Coated Materials
    The surface coated articles are then moved to the oven for curing at the required temperature as specified by the E-Coat Supplier and powder manufacturer or as required for the article to be cured well and to bond with the base metal so as to achieve the desired finish. The max Component size is 4 X 3 ft (Width X Height)
  • Paint Stripping:
    We have imported a gravel free fluidized sand bed thermal cleaning machine with programmable controller, designed and built accordingly to the requirements of general industries/Auto industries for steel components. This stripping machine removes the paint layer and all emissions are green. The machine can take a maximum component size is 3.0 X 1.5 X 1.5 Meter.
Marc Industries

In Surface Protection Business since 1992

“ At Marc, We don’t make the products, We make them look better….” MARC Group is a innovation-driven surface finishing firm that has carved a reputation as a trustworthy protective surface coating service provider to a large number of customers. MARC Group of firms traces its origins to the year 1992.
We at MARC undertake job work for Domestic, Industrial & Architectural applications for satisfied clients ranging from Auto Components, Manufactures, Builders, Fabricators and Appliance Manufactures and we have been catering to their needs for the last few decades. We have grown steadily and we are proud to say that we today have a state of the art setup to cater to all needs in our field and fulfilling all requirement for world class export based coatings.

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